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The Spaceborne Saga

            Spaceborne is Jenna's hopeful debut and the first book in a series known as The Spaceborne Saga. It's popularly referred to on social media as #SPBEbook and has an ever growing interest in the AuthorTube and YA space online.

           "She was born of space.

          Eighteen-year-old spy turned war criminal Sariyah Larsen, the first human born in the vacuum of space, was sentenced to a prison ship for life. Two years later, the galactic council makes an offer she can't refuse – continue rotting in the brig, or hunt down presumed extinct extraterrestrials, called Zarfara, that are  kidnapping children of an infertile species.

          The council needs Sariyah because she’s adept at killing Zarfara, but she’s only good at it because she’s fought them before. During the final battle of a five-hundred-year-old war, Sariyah woke the Zarfara from their cryo cells. Within hours, they killed her squad – a crime she’s wrongfully charged with.

         Torn between her desire to clear her name and her need for revenge, Sariyah must face her hunger for retribution that tests her loyalties to her crew. But if her selfish wants bleed into the mission, it’s not just her freedom at stake, it’s the future of an entire species.


         Spaceborne is a 97,000-word YA sci-fi where a misfit crew reminiscent of Aurora Rising and Six of Crows meets a galaxy disturbingly like our own. It’s #ownvoices for bisexuality and has series potential. I’m an active member of AuthorTube and have amassed over two-thousand subscribers by talking about my manuscript and its progress."



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