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#WordLove Workbook Cover By Jenna Streey

            Before the war that landed Sariyah Larsen behind bars, she was a spy for the galactic council.


            Using her natural charm and the fame she'd gained by being the first Human Spaceborne, she weaved herself between dignitaries and royals. Any information that the council could use to sway, persuade, or downright blackmail the leaders of the Milky Way was crucial intel Sariyah and her best friend, Tera Sanderson, were tasked with retrieving.

            That was until a gala was painted with the blood of a monarch. 

            An assassination Sariyah couldn't predict shakes an entire solar system and rockets Sar and Tera into the front lines of the crime. Worst of all, a council squad known as Unit Bronco arrives to take the reigns of the case away from her perfectly manicured nails. 

            But they were never known for giving up. After bargaining their way into Bronco's good graces, they're fighting against a ticking clock to find the killer and get away unscathed.

            Because in a room full of Human-Hating extraterrestrials, Sariyah is the prime suspect.

             This is the story of Sariyah Larsen, when she could still call herself a hero. 

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            #WordLove is a mindset I hope to instill in every writer, everywhere.

            It's the knowledge that you are worthy of the art you're crafting and that this book isn't as big of an undertaking as you think it is. We all get tired from time to time but it shouldn't make us resent our creative passion.

             This is the workbook for the writers out there who are tired of making excuses for why they "can't" write. It's for the writers who want to kick writers' block to the curb and take their creative journey by the reigns. 

              News Flash: The "Starving Artist" Lifestyle Is Dead! 

              So, lets finally rid ourselves of the idea that, to create great art, we need to suffer. We are the backbone of cultures - from Greece to Egypt - and its time we returned to the light. Enough of the "poor me" attitude that's stuck so many writers, poets, and other creatives in debt and at the bottom of a bottle. 

               It's our time to shine.

               To do just that, we need to fall back in love with our words. And in doing so, we can fall in love with ourselves, our creative process, and the bright future we have as artists in a world starving for our talents.

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