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About Jenna

Watty Award Winner Taking On AuthorTube.

"Your dream is worth striving for, but it shouldn't cost your peace of mind."

            Jenna Streety is a science-fiction and fantasy writer who shares her writing journey on AuthorTube, a platform she uses to uplift the notion that the 'starving artist lifestyle' is dead. As an avid enforcer of self-care for the creative spirit, she strives to show other artists that hustling and loving yourself can come hand-in-hand.

             As a Watty Award Winner and a YouTuber for over six years, Jenna has traversed the vast realm of writing in every way imaginable. From scripts to poetry and novels to news articles, she's written it all. But her true passion lies in her hopeful debut, a YA space opera the internet knows as #SPBEbook.

              Alongside her AuthorTube channel, she's also the host of the only YA/NA Barnes and Noble Writers Club in the U.S.A. She's also the host of the bi-annual #WIPtember and #WIPcember hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

              When she's not staring at the stars, she's writing about them in her Los Angeles home with her cat, Lucifer, and way too many snacks.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/jennastree
Jenna Streety's Author Photo by Jade's Emporium.

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